Board Members


Dr. HAN, Chang-Woo

Chairman & Director

Dr. HAN, Chang-Woo is the founder and Chairman of MARUHAN Japan Bank Plc.’s parent company MARUHAN Corporation which is, with annual sales of USD 25 billion, one of Japan’s most successful companies. He is a patron of the arts and is active in the funding and supporting of a large number of charitable, cultural and educational associations and organisations.

Titles & Affiliations


  • Honorary advisor to the Japan-Korea Friendship Association.
  • Administrative Director of the HAN Change-woo Tetsu Cultual Foundation
  • Director of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Director of the Kyoto UNESCO Association.
  • Administration Officer for the Kyoto Chapter of the United Nations Association of Japan.
  • Member of the Rotary International District 2650 Rotary Club of Kyoto-Heian (served as the 5th Chairman of the Rotary Club of Kyoto-Heian from 2006-2007).
  • Chairman of the World Federation of Korean Associations of Commerce.
  • Chairman of the Hang Chang-Woo Nagako Foundation
  • Director of the United Nations Association of Japan


  • Vice Chairman of the Korean Residents of Japan 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul Support Group.
  • Vice Chairman of the Korean Residents of Japan International Garden and Greenery Exposition Support Group.
  • Publisher of the quarterly magazine Seikyu.
  • Chairman of the 2nd International Korean Commerce Convention.
  • Chairman of the Joint Association of the Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Japan.
  • Director of the Board of Shinhan Bank.
  • Director of the Board of Shinhan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Advisor to Korean Residents of Japan Homeland Investment Association.
  • President of Organizing Committee of the GTI International Trade and Investment Fair (GTI: Greater Tumen Initiative)
Awards & Honours

Jun. 1972

Awarded a ‘Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon’ honour by the prime minister of Japan.

Dec. 1987

Awarded the ‘Order of Sport Merit’ (the Cheongryong Medal) from the South Korean government.

Mar. 1991

Received a Presidential Citation on the 18th Commerce and Industry Day in South Korea.

Mar. 1994

Received an invitation to the Imperial Palace banquet with Japan’s Emperor and Empress to welcome South Korea’s president Kim Young-sam and his wife.

Feb. 1995

Awarded a ‘Order of Civil Merit’ (the Mugunghwa Medal)from the South Korean government.

Jun. 1995

Awarded honorary citizenship of Mineyama, Kyoto (where MARUHAN was founded)

May 1996

Awarded an honorary Doctor of Economics degree from Kyungnam University, South Korea.

Mar. 1998

Received the 6th Korean Overseas Compatriots’ Prize from Korean Broadcasting System, South Korea

Nov. 1999

Awarded the ‘Order of the Sacred Treasure’ (Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon) from the Japanese government.

Feb. 2004

Awarded the medal for ‘Most Distinguished Service’ from the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Jan. 2006

Awarded an honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree from Pusan National University, South Korea.

Feb. 2006

Awarded an honorary Doctor of Literature degree from Seoul Women’s University, South Korea.

Aug. 2006

Awarded an honorary Doctor of International Relations degree from Yanbian University, China.

Apr. 2008

Received an invitation from the Emperor and Empress of Japan to attend their annual spring garden party.

May 2008

Awarded the Royal Order of Cambodia (Grand Cross with First Style Ribbon).

Jun. 2009

Awarded an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Dong-A University, South Korea.

Oct. 2009

Awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Gyeongsang National University, South Korea.

Mr. HAN, Yu


Mr. HAN, Yu is President and Chief Operating Officer of MARUHAN Corporation. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from HOSEI University in Japan, he joined MARUHAN in 1990, became Vice-President in 2006 and President in 2008. He leads the corporation’s 15,000 employees and is responsible for developing MARUHAN Corporation’s business globally.

Mr. HAN, Ken


Mr. HAN, Ken joined MARUHAN Corporation in 2000 and was appointed as Director in 2007. He is responsible for Group finance, serves as Director of MARUHAN Japan Bank in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar and is Chief Executive Officer of MARUHAN INVESTMENT ASIA PTE. LTD.

Mr. YABE, Yoshikazu

Director & General Manager

Mr. Yabe, Yoshikazu has a background in commercial, investment and private banking and venture capital spanning Japan, New York, Zurich and Hong Kong. He worked for Sanwa Bank and MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group) from 1977 to 2013 and joined MARUHAN Japan Bank in 2014.

Oknha Dr. BUN, Mony


Oknha Dr. BUN, Mony is Chief Executive Officer of Sathapana Limited and has over 20 years’ experience in Cambodia’s microfinance industry. He has a Master of Business Administration degree from Utara University, Malaysia and a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Preston University, USA.

H.E. URABE, Kazuyoshi

Independent Director

H.E. URABE, Kazuyoshi has 40 years’ experience in legal, economics, diplomatic and Governmental positions. He has held influential Ambassadorial positions in Asia and the Middle East and official roles in the Japanese Government, predominantly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

H.E. SHINOHARA, Katsuhiro

Independent Director

H.E. SHINOHARA, Katsuhiro started his diplomatic career in Cambodia as a Secretary Officer at the Japanese Embassy and went on to become a senior consular official. He ultimately served as the Japanese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia from 2007 to 2009.