Chairman's Message

Walking today amidst Tokyo’s bustling streets and skyscrapers, it is hard to believe that only 150 years' ago it was little more than a provincial town. Even harder to think that in 1923 it was devastated by one of the century’s worst earthquakes - or that the city would soon afterwards feel the effects of a disastrous war. MARUHAN Japan Bank has been one of the many Japanese success stories written during a period characterised by inspiring reconstruction.

Now, as we launch MARUHAN Japan Bank in Cambodia, it is a good time to reflect on what our two countries might share in common. I have noted, with a great deal of satisfaction, the enthusiastic level of Japanese investment and foreign aid in the Kingdom of Cambodia. I believe these Japanese efforts come from a feeling of kinship for another proud nation whose rich history has recently been challenged by devastating setbacks and instability. So, it is with a sense of excitement that MARUHAN Japan Bank is now poised to offer financial partnerships and support to the visionary investors seeking to contribute to the development of Cambodia.

As I have watched our interests grow and diversify from humble beginnings in a small town north of Kyoto, I have observed that every one of our successes can be attributed to an ingrained commitment to excellence. MARUHAN Japan Bank will be no exception.

Chang – Woo HAN
韓 昌祐