Sathapana Limited

Sathapana Limited, one of Cambodia’s leading MFIs, is a member of the MARUHAN Japan ASEAN Financial Group and is our valued business partner in Cambodia. As of Febrary 2014, it has over 79 branches and 2147 staff (nationwide. The partnership between MARUHAN Japan Bank and Sathapana makes us the first ever Cambodian commercial bank to have a microfinance business partner within its group and represents a significant step towards the breaking down of long standing barriers between the commercial banking and microfinance sectors.

We chose Sathapana Limited because we felt it was the MFI that most suited our requirement for an institution with solid management, proven transparency, an established and positive reputation and the public’s trust.

Whilst we continue to function as separate entities; with MARUHAN Japan Bank providing commercial banking products and services and Sathapana Limited continuing its microfinance focus, the partnership is allowing us both, and our customers, to benefit from the sharing of core competencies, skills and resources and is helping us to deliver international standard financial services nationwide and connect Cambodia with the global markets.

As our Chairman, Dr. HAN Chang-woo, explains, “As a commercial bank MARUHAN Japan Bank has already contributed to the development of Cambodia through the supply of products and services to private customers, SMEs, banking institutions and MFIs. We saw in Sathapana a pioneering company with a strong business model, a highly accomplished management team, enormous achievements since starting out as an NGO in 1995, including a successful transition to a privately owned company in 2003. Sathapana has the potential to give those Cambodians who have drive and ambition the opportunity to make a contribution to the country’s future development. For us this acquisition was a key component of our Singapore-based regional financial institution, MARUHAN INVESTMENT ASIA PTE. LTD. which we launched to revolutionise the banking and finance industries throughout the ASEAN region through higher standards in customer service and more innovative products.”

Sathapana is benefitting from being able to tap into our expertise, guidance and funding resources and these are fuelling the MFI’s move forward and allowing them to be more proactive in growing their loan portfolio.

Ultimately, we believe this revolutionary partnership will allow us to provide the crucial financial services that Cambodian communities need to develop self-sufficiency, sustainably.